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I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. My Husband is a Japan-philia American(Taiwanese descent).
I have lived in Taiwan for nearly 3 years and a half, February 14, 2019, have moved to Dallas Texas.
I love ballet and french horn. Since I live in Taiwan for 3 years I am more confident in speaking Chinese than English.

Detail Profile

As you may see this blog is run by Makiyo. Tokyo born and raised a city girl.

Starting young I have always enjoyed classical ballet. Thus, for any dancing related event, I will step up to the challenge!
I have been very passionate about music regardless of its genre. Since high school, I have been in a brass band for almost 15 years.
I have worked in two Japanese companies, in 5 years total. After that, I moved to Taiwan to study Chinese.

After half a year of Chinese studying, I was successfully employed as a permit employee, in one of the biggest travel agency in Taiwan.
After I have worked as a free writer that promotes Taiwanese tourism and Taiwan related articles.

Starting February 14, 2019, due to my husband work I move permanently to Dallas.

To start off with this blog. I like to share a restaurant that’s well known to the locals and tourist spot in the DFW area. In recent year there’s been major Japanese investment in DFW area as well as a different part of the US. I like to share some of the information I’ve gathered and help this new Japanese expat.

Also, my in-laws are both Taiwanese. Since my husband is born and raised in America. English is not a problem for him and since he grew up with a Taiwanese background, he could understand Mandarin Chinese perfectly. Unfortunately, he has studied Japanese in his college years thus, he speaks fluent Japanese and our communications are mostly in Japanese. Occasionally, we’d use Chinese to communicate. In other words, this kind of environment makes my English improve incrementally.